Not By Sight

"A picture is worth a thousand words.", thatís how the old expression goes -- and another expression goes like this, "more than meets the eye." These two phrases sum up what I want to accomplish with this section of JEMMinistries' web site.

I am visually impaired -- but that doesnít stop me from seeing beauty in Godís creation and in every day life -- and it doesn't stop me from pursuing my love of photography.

Sometimes, God gives me spiritual vision in order to see beyond my sight -- to see into the spiritual realm. The Devotions on these pages are examples of this. The pictures I have taken illustrate Godís spiritual truths -- if we look beyond the surface, and with Spiritual eyes .

We can all learn to look past what we see -- and recognize the mysteries of God in the ordinary! All we need to do is pray for wisdom, and be open to The Spirit!

Come with me, now, and see some things you might have missed! Join me on a journey inspired by physical sight! A trip that will, hopefully increase your spiritual vision, and teach you that we all need to walk, "Not By Sight" alone!

Look Up

At The Tree

Peace in Change

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