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Round Robin - Sept.1, 2002

Well, here it is! Our first Round Robin!
entitled, Leaf

Paragraph 1: Denise Imbody

A cool, gentle breeze came out of nowhere. It rustled the leaves, as it blew through them. One, beautiful maple leaf, that had already turned it's brilliant, color of red, began wafting down slowly. It twisted, and turned, as though it were dancing. It had been a long, hot summer, and the cool breeze felt good. The breeze kept it gently swirling down, until it reached a freshly, cut patch of grass. It felt like a comfortable resting place. It was a quiet autumn evening. The smell of burning wood stoves were all around, because of the slight chill that had been in the air. All the colors of fall, seem to be in full bloom. Bright, orange pumpkins could be seen, as well as squashes, and all different kinds of gourds. All the different trees, were finally revealing all the various colors, that they truly held. Yes, it was quite a scene to view. The maple leaf was happy to have landed on that little hay bed.

Paragraph 2: Carol Weeks

As he lay on the grass, he watched as some of his brothers and sisters came gently falling to land close by. He was glad he had some company. He had already started to get lonely. When you're used to being in the middle of a big maple tree surrounded by thousands of brothers and sisters, it felt really strange to be floating all by yourself. The maple leaf called out to his siblings: "Isn't this great?" A big chorus of answers came flooding back. "Yes!" said one. "Wonderful" said another. And on and on the answers went until finally a deep, gloomy voice said, "I don't like it at all. I want to be back on our tree, waving in the wind and looking out at the valley with our tree cousins. This is not natural to fall off the tree and just lay here like this!"

Paragraph 3: Robin Sloboda

Then the sky grew mysteriously dark, an unfamiliar hurling wind arose that came from the deeps of heaven above. The little red maple leaf was in complete shock as he stared up into the gloomy sky; before him he saw a vision spread out of future plans for him. The vision was so overwhelming he just stared with awe; it was from the Great Crafter's book. It told of how he would be placed in the centre of a red and white flag from a great nation. It was a nation that would be used by the Crafter to bring healing to the other nations; it will be the only Country in the world that has a maple leaf upon its flag. Then the Crafter placed before his eyes the words from the great book of life: "In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." (Revelation 22:2) The little red leaf could not believe the words he had read. He looked up into the great maple tree and started to tell all of his brothers and sisters about his vision

Paragraph 4: Joyce Handzo

When he had finished, all was strangely silent. There were no loud exclamations of joy or wonder. Instead, a low murmur of anger began. It grew louder and louder until the little red leaf clearly heard, "Who does he think he is with his vision? He's not better than us!" Suddenly, he was surrounded by his angry brothers and sisters. He soon found himself at the bottom of a large pile of leaves as they struggled to crush him. All his eyes beheld now was darkness. Faintly, he began to hear excited voices chanting a single word: "FIRE!"

Paragraph 5: Matthew Imbody

The pile around the little leaf began to shake and disburse as “that word” grew slowly louder and louder. Just the thought of fire induces fear in the hearts of all who dwell in the wood--but especially in that of a newly fallen, somewhat dried leaf. Our young dreamer pushed his way through the trembling heap, all the while, dreading what he might face when he emerged. The smell of smoke intensified as he rustled and climbed. Finally, he reached the top, and was able to see beyond his siblings--and, in that instant, fear clutched at him like a rake! In the trees above, he could make out birds, squirrels, and raccoons--all chanting as they watched the distance. By now, the sun had set, but an unsettling reddish-orange glow illuminated everything around them. The little leaf mustered all his courage, pushed himself up on his stem, caught the wind in his hollow, and went sailing and spinning up into the air, landing exactly where his aim had been--a large, ageless rock that stood on a small hill. From here, he could see just what was happening--and formulate a plan to save his kin.

Paragraph 6: Gwen Tweedy

Soon, the little leaf heard a different sound. It was not the usual sounds of birds and animals. This was the sound of a human tread. So the little leaf determined to make all the noise he could to get the human's attention. He began to rustle, crackle and snap--just as loudly as he could! Soon the best thing happened! The man turned around to see what the commotion was, and his eyes widened for just a moment. Then the man pulled something slender from an inner pocket and began to press some buttons. After some time, the little leaf heard the high pierced, wailing sounds of something in the distance he could not identify.

Paragraph 7: Denise Imbody

"What in the world is that?" The frightened little leaf thought. Shaking just a bit, he stretched up to see if he could see what was going on. As he reached himself up, he lost his footing on that rock. He began falling so fast, that he wasn't even sure what happened. The wind picked up, and caught him, changing his downward spiral into an upward waft. At this point the little leaf was so frightened that he just closed his eyes, and began to pray. Creator of all, I have only known to do what You have created me to do, so I pray that whatever happens to me, will be in Your will, and in Your plan for me. To his amazement, when he was finished praying, he found himself being awakened out of a deep sleep. "Leaf? Leaf? Are you okay?" Jenny asked. "What? Huh?" Leaf said in a startled voice, "I must have fallen asleep--and you know what, Jenny? I had the most bizarre dream? I drempt I really was a is so bizarre." "Nah, not too bizarre," Jenny replied, as she shook her head. "Huh? How can you say that?" Leaf said, as he yawned, and stretched, still trying to shake himself out of a sleepy fog. "I'm not surprised, " Jenny began, "not after the way you gobbled down that large pizza, french fries, hot cocoa, and 2 candy bars, after raking the leaves earlier."

The End

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