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Round Robin - October 20, 2004

Installment 1: Robin Sloboda:

Christmas Memories

During the afternoon snow was falling hard and quickly, within hours, the world was covered in a blanket of white. It was only October, but as she went outside to shovel the snow, wonderful thoughts of Christmas poured into her mind. Joy filled Rebecca's heart as she shoveled and remembered the sights, sounds, and smells from past childhood festive seasons.

Installment 2: Gwen Tweedy:

Rebecca didn't mind the snow, but she tired with the shoveling however. But today, it seemed as if, she didn't tire at all! It was almost like that song in "Whistle While You Work:" The time seemed to fly by. And she knew in her heart that it was the memories, her mind and heart went way way back! To a simpler time and where life's responsibilities weren't crowding so closely by other thoughts keeping the present at bay!

Installment 3: Jody Brennan:

She recalled a moment in her childhood. Rebecca's brother had a toboggan that was leaning against the tree. Rebecca wanted so much to ride on the toboggan. She wanted to feel the snow under the wood.. She wanted to feel the cold, icy snow hit her face. She could hear the winter wind whistle through her ears. It seemed that the toboggan was just calling to her.

Installment 4: Kristina:

Rebecca snapped out of her memory as the paperboy called her name and waved. Rebecca lifted her hand and smiled back, amazed at how fresh her memories were after all these years. She could still feel how giddy she was when she first saw her brother's toboggan. She could also vividly remember the shame she felt after sneaking off with her brother's prized possesion. She had only meant to take it for one little ride. Rebecca shook her head as she headed back inside her house. She decided to curl up next to the fireplace with a cup of cocoa and let the memories of that fateful day take over...

Installment 5: Steph Stargell:

Rebecca would never forget all that happened that day. Each and every scene is etched forever in her mind. Every time she stops long enough to remember that day, her heart aches for the loss, and is joyous for the deliverance. She can never forget how that sled ran away with her, the cracking of the ice as she flew out onto the lightly frozen pond. There she was flying along, and suddenly she was immersed in that frigid water. That was where her father found her. He had heard her screams way up on the knobby hill where he was searching for some cedar boughs for her mother to place under their nativity. What took place after that moment are the best and worst memories of her life.

Installment 6: Kimberly Lewis:

When Rebecca first felt the water, it was bitterly cold. As she tried desperately to scramble out, Rebecca heard more ice breaking all around her. Panic set in. She was unable to claw her way out of the icy hole. She didn’t know what to do. Thoughts of her family filled her head. Momma would be home baking bread while her sister would be sitting by the old wood stove playing with her dolls. Her brother would be building a snow fort with other neighborhood boys. Rebecca wanted to be there with her family instead of drowning. As her head started to go under the water, a warm beam of light started to glow around her. Rebecca heard a soft, loving male voice call her name and she saw a hand reach out to her. She knew that wasn’t the voice of her father. As she reached her hand upwards, she wondered who was calling for her.

Installment 7: Barbara Lea Campbell :

Suddenly she felt something warm grasping her cold hand. It was a hand... a large, strong hand and it was pulling her gently yet quickly to the top. As the frigid air made its way into her aching lungs, she felt as if she was swallowing shards of ice. With ease, she was lifted into two arms and carried to the bank of the pond. Rebecca tried to steal a glance at her rescuer... tried to focus on his face... but all she could do was see and feel warmth and light. Slowly she drifted off to sleep.

Installment 8: Jan Dobens :

It must have been hours later when she came to in her bed. She felt the crisp clean sheets and the silky warm blanket surround her with coziness! Lying there she felt the eyes of someone staring at her, she cracked her eyes opened to see her tall hansom dad stand against the window cill with a look on his face she had never seen before! His glance moved over to Rebecca and he saw his daughter coming to. “It is ok Rebecca, you are safe at home and out of danger.”

Installment 9: Denise Imbody :

As she became more aware of her surroundings, she realized she was not in any place that was familiar to her, though she felt right at home. Once again she heard the voice say, "It's okay Rebecca, you are safe and sound." Again, the voice was not all that familiar to her, yet it seemed as she knew it.

"Where am I?" She asked weakly. "And what happened?"

Rebecca opened her eyes a bit wider, as they adjusted to the light, and looked at the man she thought was her father, but soon realized...

Installment 10: Matthew Imbody :

"You're thinking about that sled ride again, aren't you?" Rebecca jumped at the sound of her brother's voice. The Cocoa in her lap almost toppled over onto the man as he knelt in front of her adding wood to the fire.

"Yah," she said softly, sitting up a bit and regaining her composure. "That man that saved me -- I still... I still can't figure out why he couldn't save Dad..."

After a very long, awkward silence, Tom pulled himself up onto the couch next to his sister. "You know, I think he did."

A bit confused, Rebecca scrunched up her face and then put her cocoa cup down on the end table. "I'm not sure I follow, Tom. You and Mom found me wrapped in a blanket beside the pond. Dad was so cold -- but somehow he had made it out of the water, too. I know the man who pulled me out wasn't dad -- so why did he leave Dad in the water so long?"

Tears ran down Rebecca's face now. Tom put his arm around her and tried, once again, to unfold the Good News of the Bible He spoke of the law, and how it couldn't save us -- and then he spoke of a savior; One who will lift us out of our sin and despair and set our feet upon solid ground -- and for the first time ever, Rebecca was really listening. For the first time, She was ready to give her heart to that Savior -- and for the first time, she was able to comprehend both the sacrifice her dad made for her, and the sacrifice her Savior made for all!

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